Simple Steps To Make Painting Easy

Having your house professionally painted can raise a number of questions from homeowners about what they should do to get ready. Here are a few common frequently asked questions:

What time of year should I have the outside of my house painted?

There are various types of high quality paint that would allow a painter to apply product in cooler temperatures; for instance Sherwin Williams has a paint that can be applied in temperatures of 35 degrees and above. Typically, I paint house exteriors from late February to mid November, depending on what kind of a year we are having. The best months to paint outside would be from April to October, due mostly to the warmer, more stable climates. All of my exterior paint jobs come with a written 3 year warranty that covers all labor and materials, so it is in my best interest that all paint is applied in a way that will provide the greatest longevity.

Will I need to move furniture?

We can go about this a number of different ways, depending on how the homeowner and Lotus Painting enter into the contract. The most typical situation is that we’ll move the furniture as little as necessary as we go, and cover everything with fresh, clear plastic. If there are items that are particularly fragile or delicate such as an antique glass display cabinet, a large flat screen television, or an expensive piece of art, we will ask the homeowner to be responsible for safely securing these items out of harm’s way.

How much odor will there be?

High quality latex paint does not have much odor, but I have noticed that some people are much more sensitive to it than others. In these cases I will use a zero VOC (volatile organic compounds) paint product that will be extremely low or no odor.

Will I need to be out of the house?

Not typically. Each day there will be a particular area that we will concentrate on until it is finished. If there is likely to be dust involved, a clear plastic booth will be made so that the dust is contained in one specific area and then cleaned up at the end of each day.