Let’s Face It, Painting A House Is Not Exactly Rocket Science.

078It is however, an endeavor that requires a lot of attention to detail and patience. A mistake that is often made by homeowners, weather they paint their own house, or have it done professionally, is skimping on the preparation of the substrate. If the ‘prep’ is not completed with extra loving care, it can cause many issues down the road, such as stain bleeding, peeling and bubbling. In addition to minding the tiniest details, we also only use the best materials, such as 100% acrylic primers, excellent quality caulking and spackling materials, and of course the best professional paints.

Lotus painting does not make money on the material portion of a contract; we want to be paid for our skills, not our ability to buy materials. Because the paint and sundry items are typically only about 1/5 of the average contract, we like to stress that by using the highest quality, the homeowner gets a much better outcome for their project for very little extra expense. We also understand that when a homeowner invites us into their house, they are bestowing a lot of trust on us. It is our goal to honor this regard with the utmost courtesy and respect. We show up when we say we will, we take our shoes off when in the house, we communicate our intentions clearly and frequently.

Our mission is to fulfill our contract with excellence, leaving the homeowner happy, satisfied and eager to show off the results to their friends and family.